Community activities are extremely important to create a social environment where our children can thrive their skills in their second language by listening to other second language speaking individuals and by interacting with other children of similar ages.

Spanish activities for children

I’m actually looking for Spanish bilingual parents to create that community in the Collingswood area. If you are interested, please contact me at :

I’m organizing events time to time too to gather all the Spanish/English bilingual parents in the area. I’m always looking for  different activities that children love and help us, the parents, to use more vocabulary and help our children to improve their Spanish skills. You can check them out in the Facebook page: Spanish Community of South Jersey.

 International exchange programs

Some companies in the area have international exchange programs. These programs are very useful because they look for families in the area to host students from different nationalities during a couple of weeks, normally in summer. This is a very easy and cheap way to expose your children to another culture and language since the student will share a lot of time with the family.

  • Compass-Usa is company that operates in the area of South Jersey. They look for people interested in hosting students from Spain, France and China. If you need further information you can check out their website: or contact Tiffany Werner at or at: 484-347-3459


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